saturday at verizon

Joe and I spent Saturday trying to determine the most cost effective way to merge our cell phone plans.

It was the first item on the list of things to streamline.  Other daunting tasks — such as car and health insurance — will be consolidated later.  After more practice.    

Because under the flourescent lighting of two different Verizon stores, we learned a lot about the importance of using current information to manage expectations and then formulate a relevant and accurate plan. 

It sounds very scientific I know. 

But the truth is that over the next year the ability for us to succesfully manuever through vendor and personal negotiations is going to be paramount.  Because…

Does anyone want to spend their engagement mired in a bog of stress over font style or guest list numbers?

Needless to say, we both wished (and expected) that a union of cell phone bliss would produce massive savings.  We even left the first store because Joe was indignant, convinced that Verizon was trying to hose us down and then drop us off at the cleaners.  But I must admit, I also had my suspicions.  Or at least discomforts. 

So with Verizon’s best offer in hand we went home to do some online comparison shopping.

As Joe collected rates for cancellation and activation fees, minutes per plan, and a la carte text packages, I calculated savings and compared coverage maps. 

And, much to Joe’s chagrin, we discovered that Verizon had not attempted shake us down.  Well, no more than either Sprint or AT&T would.  But that in the six years since we chose our independent usage plans, the bundles have become (in our opinion, for our needs) excessively large.  Middle ground no longer exists.  A consumer either ends up paying twice the bill in overage charges or sitting on hundreds of unused minutes.  Facts we were saddened to discover.

But it was a good dose of reality.  Nothing — wedding or apartment related — is going to be what we would like to consider “reasonably priced”. 

We (and I don’t just mean the royal we, I refer to all of us here) can’t walk around expecting things to be what they aren’t or cost less than they do.  All we can do is accept the reality of the now and make adjustments accordingly.


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