washington weight

One of the concerns that I have had about being back in the DC area is the fluctuation of my body weight. 

I don’t have an unhealthy relationship with food or exercise so monitoring how much and what I eat is not something that I give much attention.  But I am aware that over the six years that I spent in DC the first time, I slowly and imperceptibly accrued 20-25 pounds.

Which lead to discomfort and catalyzed a sense of not being myself.

In Raleigh, however, the uncomfortable, extra pounds came off easily and I maintained what I know now as my natural, balanced body weight.  And it falls squarely in the middle of what is considered normal BMI for my heighth.  (A calculator can be found here.)

Moving to Raleigh was a form of disconnection.  And with a clean slate I had the chance to handpick activities and situations that I wanted to plug into.  This sense of owning my life contributed to the ability to maintain my best, normal weight.

The DC / Northern Virginia area is a more difficult place to monitor interaction because the proximity to external stimulus is immediate.  The question is less about the activity, “What I am going to do?” and more about the self-preservation of, “What am I not going to do?”

I am afraid that I’m going to get swept up in the hullabaloo of it all.  Because that is what I did last time.  I got disconnected from myself and the outsourcing of energy resulted in — among other things — the slow appreciation of weight.  I don’t yet trust that my foundations of resource, intuition, and creativity are strong enough to keep me in place of pseudo-balance.


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  1. Ashley

    When I think of how I want to teach my children about food, I think of you every time…honestly! I love that you would eat whatever you wanted at the time and not give it a second thought. I love that food was just a means to keep your body running, not a battle as is the case with so many (me included!). I think you have always looked fantastic no matter the weight. So, I say, live the life you want doing whatever activities make you happy and don’t worry about it!

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