We Ran In The Rain

When Joe got home from work we went for a run in the rain.

Lincoln City, Oregon Coast

It was a preventative measure.  I could feel an overwhelming bubble of There Is A Lot To Do gurgling under the surface.  The rain be damned, we ran.

So far I enjoy the adventure of planning a wedding, I believe that it is going to be vibrant time.  However a positive attitude does not make authoring a guest list any less daunting.  The same way readiness for a full-time job does not eradicate the fear that I’m never going to find one.

We ran in the rain.  Because the jostling of my feet on the pavement and the struggle to even the expansion and restriction of my lungs kept the hardening cement of being overwhelmed pliable.  I exhaled as if I was blowing up a balloon in one giant breath, to diffuse the looming concern that what I need to do could overcome me.

In the Fourth Edition of Emily Post’s book Wedding Etiquette, Peggy Post mentions that a bride should exercise.  If for no other, and for me the only enticement, because of its ability to combat stress.  Barely down the road of Engagement I recognize the truth in that statement.


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