Evolution of Purpose (The Original)

Originally posted April 20, 2010.

I started Transition Therapy because I had noticed that I was constantly in awe of people who were going through “stuff” (break-ups, new jobs, miscellaneous personal adversity) and appeared to be handling it ok.  From my perspective, they never were flustered.  And I just marveled in disbelief.

Because not long before Transition Therapy’s inaugural post, I had been full of confusion and turmoil over the personal evolution that was taking place.  Then someone said  something like, “I’ve been where you are…and it was just as messy when I did it.”

In one statement my discomfort was validated.  I realized that I was not the only one who had experienced growing pains due to emotional growth.  Nor was I the only person who had acted irrationally because of it.

In literature this is called a story about Coming of Age.  But there is never a sequel to the Coming of Age story, or a disclaimer, that says:

“Here’s what’s important.  We’ve allowed the way transitions look from the outside to drive our perception of what they must feel like to those going through them on the inside.  From the outside, they look like dramatic, almost revolutionary breakthroughs.  But from the inside, they feel completely different, more like an organic development process.”

That quote is from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great, which is about the calculated growth of a few, specific businesses.  Reading that line yesterday helped me articulate that “this”, Transition Therapy, is like a diary on that organic development process.  That was my intent.  It’s a venue to share what goes on inside and how it can be wildly different from the appearance.  Hopefully, providing comfort to someone else.


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