Strengthened Resolve

Originally posted March 29, 2010.

I have a new motto.

It’s worth the effort if you want it to be. 

It may not sound like rocket science, but on the heels of the adventure Joe and I had last week — when we headed out to meet friends for happy hour and I fought against a commuting meltdown — it carries the feeling of novelty.

Saturday night my computer started to implode on itself.  Or something. 

I’m not a technical savant, so the whole experience frustrated me and left me feeling inadequate and ignorant.  Maybe a slightly exaggerated reaction, but I’m not always known for rational responses.

And man, did I let it get me in a stir.  Especially, as I started to realize how much of my activity is dependent on the health of my computer.  It was enough to make me consider giving up on the my every, weekday blog post.  Because the thought of the time and money that could be consumed by visiting the Geek Squad, getting a diagnosis, applying for a library card, and waiting to use the public access didn’t seem worth it.

Until I realized just how spoiled that sounded.

So here I am.  Stronger in my resolve, sitting at a Wake County Public Library computer, making the most of my 45 minute internet allotment.  (Which really, should be more than enough time anyways…for what I do.)

Joe comes to town later in the week and I think I learned enough from the Geek Squad technician to be able to recall to Joe what needs to be done.  So until then, at least Thursday, I’ll be logging in from the library.

So no pictures but there will be text.  And right now, that is what counts.


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