Commitment and Loopholes

Originally posted March 2, 2010.

I’m really going to regret saying this. 

Because I tried it once — remember “The Challenge” — back in October.

It ended abysmally. 

My writing got distracted and disjointed and some of the time, it wasn’t even real writing.  But, I’m going to try it again: The writing every day for an extended period of time. 

I’ve been alternatively thinking and panicking about it for a little while.  Mainly worrying about what I would do if I wanted to go out of town for a legitimate, hands off vacation?  What would I use as my loophole so that I wouldn’t have to post?

Because there is always one arrogant fear which is louder than all the rest.  The loss of vacation happens to be mine.

But then I remembered that vacation from my goals usually results in a serious loss of momentum.  


Yesterday I started on my year-long, weekday blogging streak.  On March 1 which also happened to be a Monday.  The dual beginnings, both week and month, suit me. 

And since I left super early yesterday morning for a day of skiing, I had to write my post in advance and figure out how to schedule a post instead of publish immediately.

…I guess that closes the loophole.


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