The Evolution of Purpose

Today Joe and I begin traveling.  For Joe, it’s a much needed break.  Since January he has worked almost non-stop, many weeks six or even all seven days.

We will spend five days staying with some friends at their cabin near a lake.  Blissful.  Then we will do some sightseeing on our own.  Invigorating. 

It will be heavenly.  Evenly balanced.  Half parts lounging, half parts investigating.

The next six weekdays (as long as we are traveling) will string together posts that assert, modify, and further develop purpose and intention.  It may be obvious why some of the selections were chosen; however, some indicate personal development more than Transition Therapy evolution.  In those cases, I emboldened the catalyzing sentences. 

The republication of posts highlights what Chris Guillebeau (whom I have referenced before) calls the Ready, Fire, Aim technique.  I find it’s coinage appropriate.  This is a continuously growing venture, the perspective of “aim” often changing.

Now seems as good as time as any to chart that growth.


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