Widening the Grey Area

Tomorrow is the last day of June which means that the Blog-A-Weekday challenge is wrapping up its fourth month.  This is something that I’m really proud of.

It is no secret that late in 2007 I was mired in the murky swamp of self-doubt.  And like the mud that splattered my face as I tried to dislodge my gum-booted feet, personal insults also boomeranged back at me.  One of the more frequent accusations claimed that I lost interest with everything once the novelty wore off.

Since then, this fear has plagued me.  How will I ever have any lasting, lucrative jobs or interests?

But I am slowly becoming someone who sticks with something once the novelty has worn off.  The Blogathon is a testament to that.  I no longer have to equate the fade of newness with the advent of a stalemate.

Opportunities can arise when the grey area widens.


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