Surrational Images

For the next five days, I am staying with a friend in Raleigh.  The DC Haitus is officially wrapping up.

On the wall in the bedroom where I am sleeping, is a black and white print.  You may have seen it.  In the foreground is a man in a suit moving away from the camera’s eye.  He walks over ocean waves in the direction of two enormous escalators, where he could decide to either descend or ascend.  The scene appears to be set in the lobby of an austere office.  To me the picture is hopeful. 

 I believe the businessman will choose to travels upwards.

The piece is “Surrational Images” by Scott Metter.  And printed beneath the title and author are the words

I’m a pilgrim on the edge,
On the edge of my perception,
We are travellers at the edge,
We are always at the edge of our perception.

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