A Clearing of Spirit

Since 2007 I’ve been on a journey to better understand myself and realize my position in life.  Admittedly, at times it has been a rocky road.

But over the last few weeks I have felt the slow inhabitation of eagerness, enthusiasm, and excitement.  And this morning relief accompanied those emotions: the recent hectic pace is starting to slow and I am able to enjoy the integration of my life with Joe’s.

Moving in together, and the commitment that represents, has broadened my perspective and deepened my affection for him.  I’m becoming more comfortable with what it means to be intrinsically linked with someone.  And cognizant of how important it is to release the impulse to be staunchly independent.

Joe and I have been in this relationship for almost four years and I am just starting to fully realize that ingratiating with someone is a real personal kindness.  Admitting him into the emotional realm of my life was scary, but learning to trust his support has helped smooth the rough edges of my self doubt. 

I am really grateful that the experience with Joe is part of what has brought me to a clearing of spirit.


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