The Response to Disallowed Goals

If you watched The Americans in South Africa saga that unfolded during World Cup group play, you are probably as amazed, impressed, and stunned as I am.

A disallowed goal — universally deemed erroneous — in each of the last two games.  Does that actually happen?  Not once, but twice

Evidently, it can. 

The first disallowed goal/mystery call took place in last week’s game against Slovenia.  The stripped goal kept the United States from earning a win.  (In the World Cup point system the difference between a win and a tie can have serious advancement ramifications.) 

During the live interview after the game, the American coach, Bob Bradley was asked to discuss his response to the call that negated the goal.  Bradley resisted the urge to berate the referee.  Instead his response reflected an understanding that the emotions after a hotly contested game run high, especially in the immediate minutes that follow.  He declined to reply negatively.

Then today, after the second disallowed goal — but ultimate American win — Landon Donovan was asked about his reaction to the referee’s call.  And he said, “We embody what Americans are about.  We can moan about it or we can move on.”

And move on they did…straight to winner’s bracket.

Perspecitive makes complaining about missed calls seem kind of childish.


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