A Premier Example

It was a hot, humid, and stagnant morning to be unloading furniture.  While it’s a rough estimate, at 6:00 am the temperature was already in the upper 80s.

There were lots of moving days recently and my patience for the activity was running low.  So with conduct unbecoming of a lady I complained, mumbled four-letter words and acted frustrated. 

Then, in the midst of all the sweat and cardboard, the driver says, “When I started this job I weighed 350 pounds.  In three months, I have lost 100 pounds.  I love this job.”  He continued to say, “I didn’t like it when I started.  It was really hard, but I’m glad I stuck with it.  I feel better and better everyday.”

His joy and appreciation shined through on an otherwise oppressive morning, an impressive display of character.


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