What a Job Search Has to Do With an Amusement Park

It’s starting to sink in.  Once again I have totally underestimated the effort of a job search.  Over the last two years, I think that I actually thought that once I was unreservedly committed to the idea of full-time employment something would fall into place.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but it’s almost like I thought the last few years were part of a predestined journey.  That when the time came I would transition back into full-time employment as seamlessly as I seemed to transition out of it.

And while I believe in the belief that Things Happen For a Reason, I also believe that free will, discipline, and commitment have their seat at the table too.

Understanding that the acquisition of a job is going to take some real effort on my part is starting to migrate.  Intellectually, I have always known it.  But to feel its truth in the morrow of my bones is different.  To realize that the task of employment is going to take more diligence than I originally wanted to allot is daunting.  And kind of overwhelming.

…like when I think I’m almost at the end of the line for a rollercoaster and then turn the corner to realize that I’ve just barely made the halfway point.


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