Employment Identity

I recently wrote that I moved to Raleigh because I needed a break.

The need for a hiatus came about because I could no longer tell anyone anything about myself.  My complete identity was embedded in being a political employee.  Not only did I not want it to be, but I was paralyzed by the polarizing assumptions that could be made about me because of my job.

I felt hidden under a thick woolen coat which hid both the shape of my thoughts and curves of my personality.

Last summer the reason I was moving to Raleigh was unclear.  But with the benefit of hindsight, I realize that I moved so that the part of my that felt buried by Employment Identity could kick, scream, and fight like hell to burst back onto the scene.

The muscles that had atrophied are awake and resolved by a fortitude founded in discipline, resourcefulness, and assurance.  I am no longer afraid that the cloak of a job will shroud me.


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