The Boon of Inspiration

I finished reading an article on inspiration and motivation written by a guy named Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity. 

A chord was struck.

Injections of inspiration and motivation help propel me forward.  I enjoy writing Transition Therapy, but I realize that the discussion may not be palatable for mainstream blog enthusiasts.  So I don’t get a whole lot of encouraging feedback.  And that’s okay because I believe that writing about the uncomfortable topic of change is part of my life’s work.  I will do it regardless.

Last week, though, a friend expressed thanks to me for talking with her about some recent challenges she has faced.  I want to be a sounding board for people, someone who can listen without judgement and provide the sense of a camaraderie that feels so comforting when changes abound.  And to the extent that she has felt supported, I am flattered by her appreciation.

Hopefully, knowing that I have helped one will keep me motivated until I help another.


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