Universal Apology

I never meant to be coy about the fact that I used to work in politics, but I was.

Part of me blamed politics and DC for the dissatisfaction that overtook me for a time.  It was really hard to distinguish if either politics and/or DC held primary culpability.  (Because of course one of the two had to be to blame.)  I could think of no other city where one industry pulsates through the streets, restaurants, and culture as thickly as politics does in Washington.  Therefore, I blamed the trifecta of city, job, and industry for my malcontent.  But the convergence also made it difficult to determine which factor carried the brunt of my unhappiness so I explored a series of jobs in a smattering of cities.

I now know that my dissatisfaction was complex, way more complicated than simply assigning blame to a few convenient offenders.  I made — traffic logjam, egotistical colleagues, and even the Eastern time zone — scapegoats for the inadequacy I felt over not knowing what I wanted, what I needed.  I am sorry for that.

Because I spent a lot of time and effort hurling insults against DC I am humbled to be making preparations for my return. 

I hope that DC takes the long view towards me and upon my return is more kind towards me than I was to her.


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