Procrastination vs. Preparation

As a kid I had a tendency to procrastinate.  I don’t know, though, maybe a lot of kids do.  May all preteens delay, delay, delay until the absolute last possible minute.

I remember being called out for it.  Probably no more than anyone else was, maybe less, but being held accountable for procrastinating is something that stands out in my memory.  I didn’t completely understand the big deal behind its slippery slope.  If I ultimately accomplished what needed to be done by the time it needed to be completed, why were stalling tactics bad? 

In an effort to better understand, I looked for a pattern.

By my personal definition procrastination was everything that took place  between being issued an assignment and the physical act of completing the task.  This included such feats as preparation and research.  Because, for example, preparation and research are literally not the same as composing a term paper. 

I glossed over those stages.

But in the last few years I have started to reassess and understand that preparation is different than procrastination.  Sure, in extreme, the former can turn into the later; but in my current state that is not the obstacle.

Right now I benefit from recognizing the merit of prep and validating its importance in the journey to accomplishment.


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