Progress’s Backslide

Yes, I need to continue with the Blog-a-Weekday project. 

By the end of yesterday’s post it may have seemed that I had already come to this conclusion.  And I had — with good reason — but it was more of an intellectual decision.

This morning, through a different path, I arrived at the same answer.  One that will help sustain my resolve over the changes of the next few months.

After I started yoga this morning, I soon noticed that my muscles felt extremely tight and pinched.  Which should be expected.  After all I was coming off a week hiatus, travel on the Greyhound, nights on an air mattress, and a general lack of care for my body.  Regardless, I was slightly alarmed by the evidence of progress’s backslide.

It was a cold water jolt of reality.

I have not come quite as far as my mind would like me to believe.  I am still, and maybe (probably) always will be susceptible to the effects of a vacation.

I write this not with judgement, but instead a new internal awareness of my human nature.  Just because exercises can be more difficult after time off doesn’t mean that they should be abandoned.

The same can be said of personal projects.


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