Try Something New

I want to be a chameleon, one of those people who can be comfortable in all traveling environments and situations.

Strides have been made, but my achievements are hiccupped by anxiety over the idea of maneuvering bus systems and booking airline tickets using miles.  In my eyes, a well-rounded traveler is comfortable doing both.  I am not. 

but on Saturday I conquered A Great Unknown.  I mastered The Greyhound, a surprisingly enjoyable way to travel.

I was concerned about inane issues.  Where do I park my car at the bus station?  How will I know when my bus arrives?  Is it an aggressive boarding system or will I leisurely find my seat?

Fortunately, the Raleigh Greyhound attendant took me under his wing.  I think that he recognized that the bus is not my primary mode of transportation.  Maybe it was the embroidered initials on two of my carry-ons or that my purse was leather and I wore a sweatshirt with wide, green and white stripes.  I looked more boat than bus.

But it was a positive experience and I feel capable in my ability to navigate another bus system.  Just one step closer to taking over the world.


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