Pre-Cover Letter Writing

Last night I did some pre-writing for my cover letter.

It’s for my own good.  To keep me from prattling on about…well, everything related and unrelated to securing a job.  Because according to my mom, I have a tendency to tell all that I know.

In a previous post I mentioned that writing a cover letter which articulates specific intentions and authenticity is, to me, an important part of the application process.  Additionally, though, I want to confront and explain the last few years of inconsistent employment (four jobs: two short-term, one temporary, and one part-time) while simultaneously assuring the hiring manager that this boat is maneuvered by a sturdy and confident capitan.

Intellectually, I know that I don’t have to explain very much.  My dotted employment runs concurrently with The Great Recession.  But I don’t feel victimized by it, instead I capitalized on it.  I needed a break and used the shaky job market to my advantage, as an opportunity to focus primarily on internal excavation and not landing a job. 

But now part of me feels like I exploited The Great Recession.  And because of the negative connotations that I associate with the term “exploitation” I feel like I have to openly make amends.  While the recession grinded many people to their knees, I used it as a catalyst for change.

I felt guilty about my survival.  Guilty that The Great Recession created a line which divided the Can Make It Work’s from others.  And by own definition, I can make it work.

I can do this.  I can be resourceful and make this life work for me.

….and all of that does not need to go into a cover letter.


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