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I’ve been using the Wake County Public Library as a means for escape and an excuse for not being more diligent in my job search.

After all, it’s hard for me to get a lot of quality job application work done when I’m restricted to 45 minutes.  I know that I’m not alone in this, but to write a good cover letter takes a lot time and effort.  And articulating a cover letter with specifics as to why I want the job and think that I would be a good fit is an important aspect of the application.  Without those things I have a hard time going through an interview process with any sense of conviction and investment.  A “buy in” is important to me.

So I’ve hidden behind both the accessibility and restrictions of the library’s internet policy.   

But this afternoon I made another visit to the Geek Squad and the technician provided me with a cost-effective plan of action.  The first step involves me calling for the VAIO recovery disk.  I’m going to do that today.  As soon as I leave here. 

My dad and Joe both offered to get my computer back in tip-top shape for me.  I declined though.  I have to be responsible for the health of my own computer.  It’s one of the doors to employment and I need to be the primary guardian and conduit for accomplishment.


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