A Trip Home

I’m visiting my family in Kentucky.  Thus far none of my lofty goals have been accomplished.  

No shed tears here. 

I kind of thought, though, everyone would be working today and that I wouldn’t have any entertainment temptations.  I planned to pretend like it was a standard day of production and search for jobs or work on cover letters.  Lucky for me, my mom stayed home today and my dad and brother both found the opportunity to step out of their offices for a bit.

I did get part of my email inbox cleaned out, but was distracted by the prep work for Operation Grill Duck Breast which commences this evening.  Afterwards I found myself squeezed into a booth at the local Mexican restaurant with my brother and a friend.  (Okay, so there were only three of us.  Not that tightly squeezed.)

And then, well…then I got totally engrossed in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy which had been DVR’d for me since my travel plans didn’t allow for a live viewing.

Must I say…ABC and Shonda Rhimes totally outdid themselves. 

That, my friends, was what Grey’s Anatomy addiction is made of.

And this is the way I like to start my trip home.


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