Twice the Money, Half the Stuff

The first time I heard this packing axiom it was December 2006 and I was getting ready for a trip out of the country. 

I always find international travel to be a more challenging pack, particularly during the final edit.  What stays?  What goes?  Am I focused on the right thing?  The motto helped provide simplicity and a sense of confidence as I closed the zipper.

Its memory also recently provided the inspiration for an employment catchphrase: Twice the Effort, Half the Expectations.

Because I have an employment plan for Utopia.  It’s glorious.  And includes my involvement in the operations and logistics department of an aid organization that supplies medical resources to environments in health crises.  In this alternate universe I have a masters in international health; am a registered nurse; and speak French, Spanish, and Portuguese.  In essence: a field organization’s international rock star.

…but realistically, the skills side of resume lacks all of those characteristics. 

I’m not hanging my head out of the fear of it never happening, but the truth is my expectations — for today — need to be managed.

I have a plethora of sustained underemployment under my belt which may give future employers pause.  So first I have to overcome the stigma that may surround my resume and just land a job. 

Then I take on the world.


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