For 4 months I primarily sat in a chair when at home.  Finally, though, my legs grew weary.

I became too attuned to the difference between relaxing with my legs stretched out before me on the same plane and relaxing in the more unnatural position of having them hinged at right angles over the front of a chair.  The anticipation of lounging on a couch had become as much of an incentive to go to DC as visiting Joe himself.

The position of a seated person’s legs is an odd thing to notice, I will agree.  And to note that my discomfort had become a paramount grievance indicates that my list of complaints has shortened considerable. 

Last Saturday night, however, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I risked life and limb — well, a potential hernia — when I pivoted my 7-year-old TV and it’s wicker dresser “entertainment center” around so that I could watch tv from a prone position on my bed.

This simple adjustment revolutionized my life.  {Maybe I exaggerate slightly, but only a little.}

From the comfort of sitting cross-legged on a queen-sized bed, I spread out and numbered journals, filed important documents, as well as tested and discarded dozens of dried up pens.  In effect, I accomplished the tedious tasks of organization that intention often puts before me.

By tweaking my environment and behavior, I essentially reduced the space of my apartment from that of a one-bedroom down to a studio.  And inadvertently opened myself up to a whole new realm of possibility for accomplishment.


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