Tools of Navigation

Life takes creativity.  And wiliness.

Any day the navigation can require the same critical and physical acumen that is necessary when using slippery and slick rocks to cross a stream.

It takes assessment to gauge the obstacle ahead; mental determination to hit success; athleticism to balance on an uneven surface; agility to land and leap in one fell swoop; playfulness to know that falling could actually be fun and shoes, with tread like tires.*

In light of the impending loss of livelihood on the Gulf Coast (generally) and  because I know a girl whose personal life is being shaken and stirred (specifically), I say this. 

There are a lot of things that can’t be controlled.  Sometimes it seems like the only thing that we can do — that I can do — is practice the calisthenics of sustainability of survival.

…and try to make the skills of maintenance as fun as possible.

*I show a picture of these because they (by Vasque) appear to be the ones most comparable to the shoes that I wear when I go on hikes and they’ve never let me down…even when crossing water.


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