Unloading the Truck

At times my stomach flutters.  When it happens, and I rely on its guidance, good things often happen.

In October I walked into the store where I now work and something in my being danced.

Hindsight allows me to recognize that the people and the opportunities have allowed me to weave a net of confidence.   But at the time it seemed a very unlikely consequence, so much good coming from such a minor act.  That applying for and accepting a part-time job in retail  would introduce me to a cluster of women, similar in age and experience, ready and willing to link arms and provide kindness, understanding, and wisdom. 

It happened.  While our bodies strained against the momentum of unloading trucks, moving furniture, and depended on personal resourcefulness we followed the rhythm of movement as we spoke in half sentences, never saying more than what we understood enough to say out loud. 

Action taught me that energy blooms from the seeds of power and that my seeds of my power are sown through doing.

I recently told Joe that “this” is what I should have done two years ago.  When in an effort to break away I left DC for the Midwest and then the Southwest because I thought what I needed was a break from DC. 

But really I just needed a break.

I needed to disconnect from what I knew and reconnect with what I had known.  Before I knew what I thought I knew.

Raleigh has been important to that.  This job has been important to that.


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