Chaos. Everywhere.

…those are the only coherent words that I can type today.

I’m trying to pivot into a new and exciting direction.

But. My feet. Just. Keep. Slipping.

So I keep on keepin’ on because eventually I will find traction.

Hopefully sooner than the lady at the next computer terminal over.

She just told the guy beside her — in response to being asked how she was doing…he hadn’t seen her in a long time — that she had too much going on and could not handle anything new in personal life right now.


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One response to “Chaos. Everywhere.

  1. Elizabeth

    Keep on Keepin’ on….those Lowry girls must have a book they go by. But it sums up things so well!

    Keep on keepin’ on Emily, sounds like something great is in the works.

    Love you,

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