I have a tendency to expect the worst.

I could sit and study myself to determine why I do this.  That exercise — the diagramming of life — is something that I do with black belt proficiency.

But I’m bored with it.

And after a while it’s about as senseless as trying to number the sheet threading.  Sure, I could let the days compound into months as I busy myself with the task.

…but for what?  So that I can say that I unearthed the meaning and operation behind thread count.


Instead I am working to recondition myself so that I expect the best (or at least better than the worst).  Which means that I have to first recognize and enjoy the delight of trivial occurences.

Like yesterday.  I got home from work and found that the movie “A Time to Kill” just started.  And because nothing — or few things — pleases me more than hearing Matthew McConaughey tell Sandra Bullock that he also married a sweet little sorority girl from Ole Miss, I let the movie soundtrack my activity around my apartment.

Maybe it sounds silly.  But I want to expect better and I think I help foster that reaction if I first build a foundation that appreciates small amusements.


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