Light Up!

For the first time in my life…or at least the first time in since late 2006…I feel like I could take things less seriously.  I’m starting to believe that if I quit the exhaustive examination of life — an impulse I want to indulge — my relaxed diligence will not encourage the sky to fall.

Instead, I’ll just live a little.

Take it how it comes. 

Do things that I want to do.  Because I want to do them.  End of discussion. 

Not fight the current.

Seize the day.

….and all that.

It’s not like I harbor damaging habits, that if unmonitored, threaten to run roughshod over my life.

Life’s an adventure and I’m less afraid of the unexpected fall-out.  I’d post some pictures…in an effort to reflect my renewed perspective on life…but I’m still reporting in from the Wake County Public Library, where cell phones light up and hip hop ring tones rule the day.


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