Reading is Fundamental

My status on Facebook should be: reading as voraciously as a child who just moved into chapter books.

It’s not going to because it would entice all sorts of ridicule.  And I just don’t know that I have enough one-liners to defend myself against the onslaught of poked fun.

But it’s true.

I’ve always read, but over the last decade at least, reading had been more a means of relaxation or escape.  But the last few weeks…

I’ve been reading like the library is burning.  (I shouldn’t even joke.  I would be totally devastated if something happened to the local annex of the Wake County Public Library.  Today I even donated books.)

I’m reading so much because I’m finding genuine free time on my hands.  And I’m using it to do something that I enjoy…what a bonanza!

But what this really means is that I’m now ready to fold another activity into my life.  And I’m working on that too.


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