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Yesterday I had an interview for another part-time job. 

And by the time I left for my interview, I had spent one and a half hours preparing.  I wrote out notes in paragraph form and then spent time boiling them down to simple sentences that I could use as mental catch-phrases so that I would remember to express everything that I wanted to share.

I wore a dress, short heels, and what fashion folks are calling a “statement necklace”. 

I did all this in the hopes of getting a second, part-time, hourly retail job.

It seems ridiculous, but I tend to take things — even a part-time retail job — as seriously as it appears the people who work there take it.  And at my “informal interview” last week I was handed a fold out card of Core Values.

If nothing else, I recognize an opportunity for insight when I see one.  Which is why I’m using this time of employment transition to order my life so that from here on out I can run on all cylinders, whenever I want, in spite of unforeseen, outside obstacles.  It’s why I’m taking the quest to become a morning person so seriously. 

So when I was given a card of Core Values, I recognized it as my opportunity to look first and then decide whether to jump in.  Many organizations don’t give candidates that occasion and maybe many candidates don’t understand the benefit of a forthcoming operation.  I think it’s important to discover which values are important to me — as both a person and job candidate.  Because it helps to determine if I will be right in that organization.

It may seem like a lot of effort for a second, part-time job.  But I’d rather be personally upfront about my suitability in the beginning.  In the long run it saves time, letting all of us — me, the hiring folks — make informed decisions from the start.


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