Pathway to the Camera Kingdom

I’ve always been fascinated by photography.

One summer when I was in Maine, a friend of mine was teaching photography, the old school way.  She taught us how to adjust the lens and then walked us through the whole develop-your-own-photos process.  It was the best Do It Yourself experience of my life.  (Okay, maybe it’s been the only one, but I aspire to DIY greatness.)

A picture of one of the black and whites I took that summer.

That summer I spent almost every free evening holed up in the darkroom.  Manipulating technical stuff, mixing chemicals, — these words that I’m using, in all of their vagueness, mirrors the fact that I had no idea what was going on — watching my pictures develop appealed to my fixation with process.  I was addicted.

…and then that summer ended.

In the real world, without access to a darkroom and no available supplies, it was difficult to maintain my new hobby.  I was without the right environment, in part because I didn’t know enough about what I needed to ask for it or make what I had work.

Until now. 

Or not long ago.  When I realized the accessibility of online digital photography instruction.

I knew it was something I wanted to pursue.  Not only because I have such fond memories of that summer, but because I’ve started using my camera more recently and have continued to find myself frustrated by my completely will-nilly point and click method of photo taking.  For cryin’ out loud, I want to know what all those settings do!  And what they mean!  And how I’m going to dominate the world with my camera!

(Ok…so maybe that was a little over the top…)

But I am learning about ISO, aperture, and exposure which evidently are some of the keys to the Camera Kingdom.

*Darren Rowse at Digital Photography School is the instructor behind the knowledge.


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