Mr. Intimidation, Meet Mindset

My resolve to become a morning person is being tested. 

For me, it always works that way.  I make a decision and then my commitment to that decision is challenged.  It’s like some bully charges forward and questions what I’m made of. 

Well, guess what Mr. Intimidation?  I’m not backing down this time.

Yesterday morning I was up at 6:00 am, this morning 5:00 am.  And since my mom is in town there is no down time.  I can’t even consider taking a mid-afternoon nap, there are sites to see!  Shops to visit!  Restaurants to dine in!  Savannahs to get to!  (We’re headed there for a few days.)  Energy levels need to be thumping!

It’s good practice.  Because usually, at about 2.00 pm, part of me wants to be in front of the tv, soaking up the air-conditioning.  But just part of me.  Because what good is getting up early in the morning if I can’t sustain my energy level all day.  Can’t I also be an Afternoon Delight and a Night Owl? 

I want to be up for whatever occasion entertains me.


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