The Streak Continues

I was right.  Today, I’m glad that I wrote a blog post yesterday.  Even if producing it did take some scratching.

I’ve been at this for a month now.  I like the way that sounds. 

Next week will be another challenge.  My mom is coming to Raleigh and then we are going out of town for a few days.  Which means that I’m going to have to come out of the closet about my commitment to write everyday.

I haven’t intentionally kept it under wraps, but sometimes it’s easier to get in a groove without feeling like everyone I know is watching.  Obviously, I know that I’m doing it and so do you.  And of course, I’ve told Joe.  But outside of that small circle of three, I’ve been hushed.

Telling people feels like it ups the ante.  Which alerts my nerves to the startling admission that an adventure is taking place.


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