Library, How I Love Thee

Evidently, I love the library.

This should really come as no surprise considering how much I love books and reading.  So much in fact that when my mom helped me move my stuff into my apartment she said, “Unless you are going to find a way to turn some of this books into seating, you have to get rid of some of them.”

Remember I only have one real chair.

I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of having a downed computer.  In large part because it was initially disorienting, kind of like having one leg kicked out from under me.

But I’ve enjoyed the last few days.  I forced myself to be resourceful with my environment and as a result, I find myself with a lot more free time.  It’s alarming how much time I thought I was spending doing stuff when in all actuality I was really just looking at the computer screen.

Even after the Vaio and I are compatible again, I may limit myself to 45 minutes of computer at a time.


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