The Long Haul

I work part-time, focus on finding a full-time job that resonates with me, and research how to transform a small business concept into something viable.

It’s a lot of foundation laying.

And there are times when I get impatient with it.  Intellectually, I recognize the importance of groundwork.  Rationally I get it.  And I understand the purpose doing the things that I can do in this moment in an effort to advance my goals.  For that reason  I am scratching to gain an understanding of the nuances of technological framework and also applying for jobs and continuing to work part-time. 

But at times…at times, I just wish that I could kick rationality to its knees and parachute in the future.  To the place where all the structures are in place and I just need to show up.

The parachute effect would be exhilarating, but ultimately, not the most constructive path.  I would lose the confidence of the road-test.


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