The Job Search Panic

One of the things that makes me anxious about working 40 hours a week is that the 40 hours are scheduled.  I’m not able to move freely between work and home. 

It’s so ordered.


The only thing I can do between 9-6 is work.  Everything else: friends, family, yoga, walks around a lake has to be done between 7:00 pm and 8:00 am.  (Including a commute which as to be considered.) 

At least 8 of those hours have to be reserved for sleep.  Because I require a consistent, adequate amount of sleep for a sustained cheerful and willing disposition.  So that time has to be earmarked too.

Which gets me down to 5 hours a day (work/commute hours minus sleep hours) to achieve everything else that I like to do.

AND I’M A NIGHT OWL!  Which makes mornings slow and sluggish…not a great way to start the day.  Not a great recipe for maximizing those few non-working weekday hours.

And for all of these reasons…I am freaking out.

It puts so much pressure on the application process.  If I at least find an organization with a mission that I believe in and assignments that I enjoy maybe I won’t notice that I only have 5 hours to accommodate both the planned and spontaneous events in life.


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