The Effort of Deadline

11.28 pm:  I have 32 minutes to write and publish a blog post.

Oddly (but pleasantly) I’m not freaking out about this “crunch”.  In the past, I tended to anticipate that activities would take WAY more time than I had available.  So, I’d lower expectations and pare back what I wanted to accomplish.  I guess to cushion the blow I would feel if I didn’t achieve everything that I’d hoped to. 

It didn’t always work that way though.

So this morning, I realized that I would have an hour and a half (at most) to get home from work, write a blog post, eat, do yoga, change clothes, and attend a play.  (Little House on the Prairie: The Musical — in case you were wondering — with Melissa Gilbert as Ma.)  I tried to think of a loophole.  What could I omit so that everything could be done?

I had to get home from work.  So that couldn’t not be done.

And I wouldn’t be comfortable, much less enjoy, the musical if I hadn’t eaten or done yoga.  They were on the list of things to accomplish.

The sweater I wore to work had coffee spilled down the front of it.  New clothes were necessary.

Which left me with the blog post.  Nothing about writing the blog post prepared me to go to the play.  So it got pushed down the priority list.  In transit and during intermission, I thought about what I could write about in the 30 minutes I would probably have once I got home, before midnight. 

Because it has happened.  I am committed to the year of weekday writing.  So it got pushed down the priority list, but not off.

I didn’t say anything I thought I might, instead I said this. 

And it’s  only11:47 pm.  I still have 13 minutes to spellcheck, proof, and publish.


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