Pushing the Envelope

You may remember that I recently purchased advertising space at Whatever blog from a woman named Meg.  The fee helped her pay for a trip to Sierra Leone in West Africa.  She returned from her trip safely and wrote a blog post about her immediate impressions upon return.  You can read about her experience here.

I bought ad space from her because I believe that it’s important to support people as they push the boundaries of our comfort zones.  Whatever their boundary may be; however, tightly enforced.

Because I hope that if I am open to the lessons of a new understanding something in my life will improve.  Or at the very least I will have a unique appreciation for another story.

It may not always happen that way.

But it has happened for me twice.  Probably more, but two times were really impactful.  Both gave me a wider world view.  Ones that I probably wouldn’t have if had not been for the decision to challenge what I knew of life.

I think it’s worth the risk.


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