Today on my way back from Trader Joe’s I got distracted and overshot my left turn by at least 2.5 miles.


As a side note on Trader Joe’s…I think that it is BY FAR the best grocery shopping experience around.  The last time I was in there, the guy in the dairy freezer was restocking the milk and SINGING.  I’m cold just walking by the section, so I can almost guarantee that I would not be SINGING while actually in the freezer.

So if the Manager of the Trader Joe’s on Wake Forest Road happens to be reading, I commend you and team of “mates”! (Which goes along with their theme.)

And to everyone else: if you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, I would consider relocating.  If only for its proximity.


But I digress.  On my way home from Trader Joe’s I got totally swept away by the 72 degree weather and shining sun, the tunes on the country station and the satisfaction of it all.  Finally, I noticed a charming complex which I had never before seen.  Which prompted the thought, “How did I miss this place when I was looking for apartments?  I must have driven by it a dozen times since then.”

But I hadn’t.  I had overshot the turn, but by how far I wasn’t sure.  So at the next light, I reversed and noticed the odometer reading.  2.5 miles later I still hadn’t made it back to my turn.  But I had discovered another road which I knew would lead me home.  It was a quieter road with less traffic and fewer lights. 

The road is out of the way, but it runs by a lake trail and a movie theater.  Neither of which I knew about until that detour.  I probably would have found them regardless, but I like that I discovered them because I was open to the opportunity from a detour.



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