How I Found Success (Yesterday)

In case you were curious, I got productive yesterday.  Which is code for, “I applied for another job.” 

[It’s important to have a standard for success.]

As you know it was going slowly because I couldn’t focus.  I was compulsively going over the same inane thoughts.  Does anyone else do this?  Occasionally find yourself worrying obsessively over something that you absolutely can’t control?  Because that is what I was doing yesterday.

Until I wasn’t.

It sounds trite, but the worrying stopped when I got on the phone with someone and talked.  Because when I start worrying incessantly it becomes hard to determine which of my concerns are valid and which ones my mind has trumped up in an effort to be right.

[Silence feeds my nasty cycle of thoughts.]

So I used some words to stop the cycle, give air to my concerns, and tried to return to the business of getting a job. 


Within an hour I had found a “quality” posting, revamped my cover letter, and submitted my application. 

Listen, I know.  It may not sound like a huge accomplishment, but I’m notorious for getting worked up and staying worked up.  And yesterday, I didn’t.  Stay worked up, that is.  I got worked up and got back to doing something that I didn’t really want to do, but am committed to.


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