Why This Job Search is Different

My new job search has a momentum and motivation behind it that others have not.  I type that with conviction.

This one will be different.

I know this because I’m finally able to answer a question that nagged me: 


The standard answers of rent, food, transportation don’t cut it for me.  I can never get sustained motivation out of the requirement for basic necessities.  My answer needs an intangible, constant, highly individualized component.  So that if my job turns into a dense wall of frustration,

[Because it can happen. Even with a job that I love.]

I can take a deep breath and remember the bigger reasons.  I am doing this because I believe in the mission of the organization I work for.  Or I am doing this because I know what my goal looks like and this is a great first step.  And right now it’s important to Joe that I become a contributing member of the full-time, no-end-date workforce again. 

I want to do this for him, but I also want to do it for me.  I want to know that I can handle a full-time, no-end-date job and sustain a thriving personal life.  I need to prove this to myself.



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2 responses to “Why This Job Search is Different

  1. Barbara Saunders

    Why is a full-time, no-end-date job a goal?

    I need enough money to be self-sufficient. I would much prefer projects with a beginning, middle, and end to a repetitive slog. I think it’s unfortunate that it’s not easier to get things that have a known end date from the start.

    • emcritt

      Hey Barbara,

      A full-time, no-end-date job is a goal for now. It’s a phase that I’m in…it’s been almost 2.5 years since I’ve had one and I’ve been able to support myself through other means. However, I’m arriving at a time in my life where I welcome some of the stability and consistency that can accompany a regular pay check. I now believe that a right one exists that will engage my interests, without feeling repetitive. I want to find it.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to check in!

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