Seabiscuit: Day Three

Seriously, you may ask?  Seriously.

[If it ain’t broke.  Don’t fix it.]

The first two days were productive.  Two weeks ago, I followed my gut and landed on a career goal that resonates with me.  Fortunately, a goal lends a path which provides structure for my job search. 

[And I’ve come to realize that a loose structure is something I need as a safety net for action.]

So far I’ve applied for three quality jobs.  For me a “quality job” is a posting that when I read the responsibilities, I reply “Yes” or “Ok” two-thirds of the time.  Too many “No’s” or a mission that does not line up with what I’ve set out for myself and I move to the next posting.

Right now it’s a slow process because I have to keep referring to my notes to see what I’ve ok’d and yes’d for myself.  They are not yet engrained in my mind.  But that’s fine because my new motto is:


Progress is being made.  This is good, but progress means that I’m moving into unchartered territory.  Panic starts to arise.  It needs room to express itself or it festers and derails the forward movement of betterment.


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One response to “Seabiscuit: Day Three

  1. I know this feeling well, after months of job searching I have finally landed a job that suits, though I think I will also be offered another next week!
    Keeping focused is hard, and finding a match that fits harder still!
    I hope things go well in your job search and you find what you seek.

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