Sitting Down for Another Morning of Job Searching

And feelings of inadequacy are at full hilt…

I want to flee.

[I was going to say that I want to lace up of my sneakers and flee, but I never actually want to lace up my sneakers.]

I can’t focus on job postings.  They could be written in hieroglyphics (which I, in case there was a question, don’t read).   Meanwhile a thundering voice screams:


Which is not the attitude that makes unyielding tasks less unyielding.

So when the morning hours of the Today show are over and I’ve completed this post,

[The writing is key because it helps neutralize that thundering voice of dissidence.]

I’m going to fix something warm to drink, and make it day two of Seabiscuit Helps With Job Research.



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One response to “Sitting Down for Another Morning of Job Searching

  1. Its hard, day after day searching for jobs, harder still application after application with no response! I have re-done my CV that many times I lost track of what I sent to where!
    Interviews after interviews, down to the final two always to here that the other person had some contacts, or a little more product knowledge, and worse still those that tell you…”I will let you know either way” and then never call, leave you hanging wondering, hoping only to fall once more.
    Day after day searching, over and over again…so hard I feel for you.

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