This morning I sat down to again pick up the tedious task of looking for jobs that I want to apply for.  I made some progress on this chore a few weeks ago, but then allowed myself to get distracted.

I often allow myself to get distracted.  It’s my version of shoveling endless mounds of Oreos in my mouth.  Instead, I plant myself in front of the TV or compulsively check what’s new on Facebook.  All to keep the sensation of Job Search Inadequacy at bay.

[This is going to sound twisted, but…

I wish I stuffed Oreos in my mouth.  It seems easier to quantify sleeves of cookies consumed and harder to enumerate hours wasted in dormancy.  And in my ideal world of Neurosis, there is a physical barometer to gauge improvements.  For example, my return to action would be graded as more and more Oreos remained in the package. 

I didn’t say it would be rational, I just said it would be my ideal.] 

So this morning after breakfast and the early hours of the Today show, I turned on the movie Seabiscuit to help propel me through what is always a sluggish start. 

It’s a movie that I know intimately so I can have it on without having to follow the plot.  It makes action easier because it offers dual benefits.  One being the encouraging story of journey motivates me 

[It also has some good cowboy/rancher/horse breaker scenes which appeal to me personally.]

and secondly, the movie simply occupies the TV.  It helps make my environment fail-proof. 

Or at least fail-proof-er.


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