More Color, Please

I am thirsting for color.  Vibrant and bold.

Last night, if I’d had my way, I would have painted one wall (a color similar to) Regatta by Sherwin Williams. 

Instead I went on a “spending spree”.  Although I choose to call the acquisition of 9 items for less than $25.50 thrift.

The first purchase in the series was this lantern.  It had glass panes in it, but two were broken.  So I got a steal of a damaged deal: 75% off $30.  $7.50 and it’s easily a foot and half tall.

Then, I found these napkins at work. 

I never would have paid full price for them because they are funkier than I am, but for the clearanace price of $1.38 a piece…well, I couldn’t just leave them there! 

My store discount reduced the price even more and I ended up paying a whopping $4.15 for four.  (They didn’t photograph well.  I think because they are busy.)

Finally, though…

 The biggest purchase…And I just loved them immediately.  I only bought 4 of the 12 that were available because I’m a girl on a budget, but I wanted the whole freakin’ set. 

Technically, they are Cashmere by Maxwell and Williams soup bowls.  But their shape, wide and shallow, makes them perfect for Emily-size food portions.  Originally $10.00 a piece, I got four for $12.00.

Did you keep up?  That brings the 9 item shopping spree to $23.60.  With tax, which is 7.75%, the total for all the goods comes to $25.43.

And my need for color and a little retail therapy was satiated.


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One response to “More Color, Please

  1. Brandi

    I love finding colorful things too! They make me smile. Good deals you got there!

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