Support Who Challenges

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve never done, but had considered.  I paid for advertising for Transition Therapy.

This small action feels a HUGE, racy gamble.  I have no idea why.

But there is a woman named Meg.  She has a blog and is selling advertising space to help her pay for a mission trip that she is taking to Africa with a group called Word Made Flesh.

Meg will challenge the boundaries of her comfort zone as she travels and takes on experiences in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  I think the effort of supporting a person as they dare themselves to do something new is one of the best roles I can take on.

If you are interested in reading more about Meg you can go to her blog, Whatever, and read about her trip to Africa here

My digital handiwork can also be seen along the right column of the home page.  I tweaked the header of Transition Therapy to create the button (or badge, I really don’t know the lingo) that will direct readers to this blog.

I added the words, the color, and resized the picture ALL BY MYSELF.

I paid for a month of advertising which means my button should be visible until the beginning of March.  If you go there and don’t see it — I’m currently in the TOP SPOT — please scroll through the page.  I think that Meg is going to shuffle the order so that other people get ad time in the TOP SPOT as well.

If you have come to Transition Therapy from Whatever, thanks for your curiosity!  Please come back — and bring friends!


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