Have You Seen Her?

Not long after I woke up today, I started singing this song.

Growing up we listened to this a lot.  Soul music.  Even if the words are melacnholy, everything else is upbeat.  Kind of like me sometimes. 

I get it.


Today I was struck by the question, “How can you show value?”

It asks a big question and highlights an even bigger lapse in my plan.  Because while I have a desire to own a business,  I don’t know how I can show value.  It’s frustrating.

It’s not that I don’t think that I have something valuable to offer.  But I think that my “something valuable” is curiously hidden from me.  It’s probably something that I take for granted, something that I do or understand without thinking about or considering it’s merit.  It’s probably something that if I properly identified and positioned could bring me the type of life, success, and adventure that I crave.

So I’m looking for something inside of me to open my eyes to my marketable value.  Because I’m pretty sure it’s there.  I’m just pretty sure it’s hiding.


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