Maybe So

As an Examiner, I am in my infancy.  So I am still flushing out ways to incorporate the necessary word count parameters, a local Raleigh focus, while also conveying the larger message that I want to express.

When it’s pertinent, I will probably use Transition Therapy as a means of broadening my thoughts on a topic that I introduced at  For example, my most recent article with Raleigh Examiner highlights career coaches. 

I know.  It sounds like a really conventional method to the problem of joblessness.  Without my addition, there are probably still thousands of articles that tout job counseling or coaching.

But I wanted to highlight the importance of interdependence.  The world can be a large and lumbering place, full of uncertainties and complexities.  It is a marriage that can make everything seem more cumbersome.  In response to feeling overwhelmed — which for me happens when all I can see is the difficulty of movement — I found that other people, with their fresh perspectives and personal expertise, can offer some levity.

I used career coaches as the focus of my article so that I could feature local Raleigh companies with a mission to help people move into a career that advances the quest for a more satisfying life.  But there are other, good and free, resources online that can offer guidance.  I have used some to help me articulate my strengths, to determine what I want for my future, and to address the mental obstacles that toss resistances into my path.

In essence, I rely on the expertise of others to help guide me as I strive to identify the future that I want.  With aspects of this future in mind, I am able to better communicate with Joe.  As they become clear, we can discuss our desires and brainstorm as to how we could synchronize our lives so that our futures take our individual goals into consideration. 

It may seem like a stretch.  Are you telling me that relying on some online tools has helped you communicate in your relationship?

Maybe I am.  I know that, for me, utlizing outside resources that resonate with me has provided some very positive — albeit unintented — results.


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