About Those Personal Souvenirs

This is a reprint of one of the paintings my Grandmother did while she lived in Texas.  My mom has started giving my brother, cousins, and I copies so that we all have some of our Grandmother’s work at our own places.

I like the perspective of this picture.  And that it shows the rug that I bought when I lived in New Mexico for part of 2008 and the pillow cover that I purchased during Transition Travel: Peru.

I love silver crosses.  They really do it for me.  The collection was purchased at independent stores in Alburquerque, NM; Washington, D.C.; Oxford, MS; and Franklin, TN.

My kitchen in Raleigh is small which explains all the containers and baskets in the corner.  This was my mom’s craftiness.  Sadly, I can’t take credit.  (But I do love how functional it makes all those hurricanes and vases.)

I first remember this dresser because my grandfather kept Bubble Yum in the top, left drawer.  He used to give us pieces out of it, but we had to stay back because the drawer (well, the whole darn thing if you want to know the truth) is heavy.


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